You want to know who I am? How much time have you got?

Xanthe Hall is a little known author of stories and political articles, artist, cartoonist and photographer. Hated by the Scots for being born of an English family in Scotland, and hated by the English for being born in Scotland, she fled to Berlin in 1985 – the home of the otherwise intolerated outcast freaks. The most creative place in the world (well, that I know of).

I do my best to save the world, in particular from nuclear war. Although the truth is that everyone forgot to be scared about it and I sometimes feel like a complete idiot for constantly bringing up the subject. A real bummer at parties.

I have been working for the same organisation forever – the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). When I was but a young, crispy thing I worked voluntarily on a full-time basis for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the West Midlands. Those were the days. Blockading at Greenham Common and Upper Heyford. The internet had not been invented and Twitter was not even a tweet in someone’s brain. We used the phone and the post and we hoped we were monitored by the secret services – magic stuff.

Now I’m married to Christian and have a son called Jaime who still needs a lot of attention.

But I still find time to write, draw, paint or photograph something occasionally and you can see some of it here.

»Interviews and Portraits

»Articles and speeches: German | English


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